When you finish reading this concise 34 Page PDF eBook, you’ll have a greater understanding of:

  • What Inflammation Is
  • What Causes Chronic-Inflammation
  • What Foods to Avoid to Reduce Chronic-Inflammation
  • What to Foods to Add to Reduce Chronic-Inflammation
  • Specific Supplements To Make This Challenge Easier
  • Plus Access to My Favorite Anti-Inflammation Ketogenic Recipes

Bonus: Includes a One-Page Printable Cheat-Sheet of what to eat and what to avoid.

You can experiment with an Anti-Inflammation Diet without this guide, however, the information included in this eBook will save you dozens of research hours and countless mistakes that would force you to start your experiment over again and again.

Find out once-and-for-all if the foods you are eating are causing some or all of your painful symptoms of Chronic-Inflammation.